The Conservatory


The Conservatory Program for Young Dancers at Jean Leigh Academy of Dance provides extensive artistic training in a creative environment designed to push aspiring artists to develop their skills to the highest level. The goal of CPYD is to prepare dancers to enter a college dance program, conservatory, professional dance or theater company upon graduation from highschool. Trainees will receive multidisciplinary training, dance education and mentoring. Training dancers in this holistic approach ensures they will not only be prepared for the physical aspects of dance but the social and emotional challenges as well. It is our belief that young dancers are the future and so we aspire to produce independent, artistic leaders to take our shared and treasured dance community to the next level.

The Program

This program provides students the opportunity to train and perform more extensively. Conservatory I students will begin between ages 9 through 12 for our inaugural year. Each year we will add a new class of conservatory students to matriculate through our program until we have four levels: Conservatory I, Conservatory II, Conservatory III, Conservatory IV.


Students will receive multidisciplinary training in classical ballet, contemporary, and modern. Additional workshops will include acting for theater, musical theater, tap and music appreciation. Conservatory students will have access to special workshops and seminars throughout the year.


Dancers may participate in one or all of our elite programs once accepted. Requirements are based upon the age and level of the dancer, as well as whether the dancer is participating in one or more of these programs.

Special Benefits

- Multidisciplinary training

- Full-time advisor

- Quarterly Assessments and feedback

- One on one mentoring and college counseling

- Audition preparation for summer intensives

- Pedagogy and dance history

- Special workshops and classes only offered to Conservatory students in ballet, modern and other genres

- Separate weekly classes at JLA for conservatory students

- Small sessions for more focused development

- National ballet competition/ Youth American Grand Prix or International Ballet-Competition

- Conservatory performance

- Mobility and nutrition guidance

- Individualized programming, rooted in each child’s needs, aspirations, and talents

- A learning environment that embraces caring relationships and builds confidence


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