Specialty Classes


Specialty classes are available à la carte or as an add-on to combination classes. Discounts are available when adding to a combo class. Classes are 45 minutes each and are $70.00/mo; $60.00/mo if added to another class.


Hip Hop I, II, III & IV (Ages 6 and up)

Hip hop is evolved and diverse and has captured and transformed the dance world. Students will have fun learning and exploring choreography, including new and old styles and techniques. We welcome students to just come in, let loose and DANCE!


Hip Hop I (Ages 6-7)

Hip Hop II (Ages 8-10)

Hip Hop III (Ages 11-13)

Hip Hop IV (Ages 14 and up)


Comfortable Clothing, Sneakers (any style and color)

Dance Lab (Ages 11 and up)

Multiple popular genres of dance, all in one class! Experience everything from Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, Jazz-Funk, Fusion, Basic Ballroom and MORE! Each style will be explored for two weeks before moving on to the next discipline. Tour the possibilities and find your style in DANCE LAB!


Attire will vary based on given genre of dance.

Musical Theatre (Ages 8-13)

A fun, upbeat jazz-based class filled with Broadway style dancing. A form of theatrical performance that incorporates song, acting and dance to tell a written story.


Any Color Leotard, Dance Shorts or Pants, Leggings, Tan or Black Split-Sole Jazz Shoes or Femme Pedinis or Character Heel, Hair must be neat and off the neck (Ponytail or Bun)


Thanks in part to television and reality competitions shows, Ballroom has grown tremendously in popularity as new generations are discovering the joy of dancing, particularly with a partner.


Movable Attire (No Sweatpants or Jeans), Ballroom Shoes are Recommended, but not Required

Leaps and Turns (ages 11 and up)

The class typically will include a warmup and conditioning with a more intense focus on body alignment, centering, and extension that will improve overall balance and core strength, and ultimately technique. The remainder of the class is geared towards perfecting various leaps, jumps, and turns while correcting posture and technique.


Any Color Leotard, Dance Shorts or Pants, Leggings, Tan or Black Split-Sole Jazz Shoes or Barefeet, Hair must be neat and off the neck (Ponytail or Bun)

Pilates (Ages 11 and up)

Pilates — once a niche strength, mobility, and recovery technique for dancers — has gone mainstream, but we are bringing it back into the dance studio. Dancers will be guided through a low-intensity, muscle-strengthening workout. Pilates takes a balanced approach so that no one muscle group is overworked and the body learns to move efficiently, preventing chronic pain and injury. This class promotes flexibility, mobility and posture.


Athleisure Wear, Barefeet

Pointe (Upon Approval)

A more advanced form of Ballet, utilizing pointe shoes. Classes are offered for intermediate and advanced students upon approval. Students will be evaluated individually and if accepted, are required to take a minimum of 3 ballet classes per week.


Black Leotard & Pink Tights, Pointe Shoes, Neat Bun, Ballet Skirt (Optional)

Advanced Tap (Ages 11 & UP)

A more advanced form of Tap.