Revue Information

Our annual dance revue is professionally produced and is held at the Raising Cane's River Center. This beautiful facility offers all the amenities of a Broadway show, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase our dancers from the tiniest ballerina to the seasoned pre-professional. Our revue is in June each year and by all standards, is considered second to none!




Revues or dance routines alone will not produce a dancer, however, they are a part of a child’s dance education and an extension of the benefits derived from dance training. As part of their participation in the rehearsal and show, students learn cooperation, stage direction, terminology, and to confidently project and express their individual personalities before an audience.  If you have had the opportunity to experience a “Jean Leigh Revue,” it is no secret that our production requires a great deal of commitment, team work and thoughtful preparation. Students are trained by this creative process, becoming beneficiaries of an important life lesson which transcends the art itself.

We are convinced that whether one becomes a professional dancer or an engineer, the revue experience sets the stage for a more successful future for your child.